Men and Commitment | Understand the Reasons why Men won't Commit.

"Men and Commitment – The Real Reasons Men Won’t Commit

"Why won’t he commit to me?". It is the age old question that is on the lips of just about every female in existence since the dawn of time. Men and commitment are just two things that, for some, do not go together. Once a guy finds out that a girl wants to take their relationship more seriously, they run for the hills. Why is that? Why can’t men seem to commit to a relationship? There really are no clear answers, but plenty of theories do abound.

He doesn’t want to be trapped. I call bull crap on this one. This theory on men and commitment is just a cop out. When a guy says he does not want to be trapped, what that really means is that he wants to be able to sleep with as many girls as he wants. Ladies, you do not want to get involved with a guy who thinks like this anyway, so kick him to the curb if he uses this excuse with you.

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Men and Commitment – The Real Reasons Men Won’t Commit

They don’t like to feel pressured. Some guys think that if they begin dating one girl exclusively that it will automatically lead to marriage and children. It is easy to see how that would make any person feel pressured. However, if you want your man to commit to you, make it clear to him what you have in mind for the immediate future with him. Let him know that marriage is not in your thoughts right now. That will help put his mind at ease.

They come from a broken home. Not every guy who will not commit is a jerk. Sometimes, guys who come from broken homes do not want to commit because they fear that they will hurt the woman they love. That is definitely an admirable trait. However, if this does come up when you discuss your relationship with him, reassure him that he is not like his parents and that it does not mean that things will end badly with you two.

I am sure that there are more reasons or excuses to explain why men and commitment tend to be mutually exclusive terms. The truth is that the way men and commitment works is different depending on the guy. There are plenty of guys out there who want nothing more that to have a woman they can commit to. You just have to know when you are wasting your time on a guy who will not commit to you and when you can work on the guy.

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