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24, male, Single

Uthwal, Pakistan

I am intrested in dating travelling reading blogs my hobbies are travellong i wan friendship with girls i do anything for tham love romance polite genrous................................................i am hot

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33, male, Single

Bo Kaeo, Thailand

all the gals i meet in daily life i meet either turns out to be boring or psycho so i have resorted to online dating to find some fun and adventurous girls

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49, male, Single

Granby, United States

Who, me? Let's see. I'm from Philly, but have been in CA for 15 years. I'm semi-retired, but still work as a professional guitar player. I’m also a part-time dad to my six and ten year-olds, who I’m convinced are better than the rest of us—but then, I guess everyone thinks that about their kids. I’ve done a bit of dating and so on, since my separation/divorce a few years ago. At this point, I’m mainly interested in meeting someone who thinks an honest, exclusive, close relationship is the normal kind. One thing I'd like to share upfront; bear with me: Plainly, eight years ago, I had a neck injury that nicked my spinal cord. I spent the first two years largely disabled, and the last six, pushing to recover completely. These days, I move, function, and look like anyone else—perhaps even handsome and fit, yet maybe a little stiff at times throughout the day. My newer friends have no idea any of this ever happened--even a particularly 'spirited' girlfriend might never know, if I didn't tell her. In truth though, I'm still working out some muscular issues. I don't go on about this issue—nor make others deal with it—but it’s definitely a part of my life. What do I do with myself? This and that. I lead a four-piece band that will blow your mind—but then I guess everyone says that about their band. We practice a good bit, and play gigs fairly often. I do session work on the side when I can. I’ve written two books in the last three years--one of which sells a staggering two copies per month--and will likely start another soon. I'm also looking into going back to school (my first degree was useless to begin with). I have my kids twice a week, and we have an amazing time. I shoot a fair bit of pool, competitively. I have a pretty big circle of friends, and go out a few times a week to do various things. Other times, I lay low at the house…practicing guitar, cleaning, writing, cooking, reading about stuff, tending the trees, etc. My life is different now, for sure. Its

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52, male, Single

Sanford, United States

My name is Glyn Jones am from united state but i lives and work in Kent City London am here on dating site for a real relationship an not for a joke or a play so i really need a lady who is ready to care and love me and I'll do the same to her.....i am a cool headed and straight forward guy who is really caring........I really suck at describing myself over the computer but i will try to. This thing does ask you the right questions because it leaves you wondering what you should write here. I am an easy going person and i am a wonderful person to be around. I am one of those people that will let you have his coat and make sure that you where having fun before i would do anything else. But of course i would expect the woman to do the same things for me. Of course relationships are 50/50 and that is what i do believe in.. I like so many other people have my option about everything so i can keep a conversation going but the woman has to want it to go on as well. I do not believe in one night stands this is just wrong in my mind so do not even try it. I want a woman that when we are with each other that does not go on and on about how much she hates her job or how bad her life is. I want an upbeat girl, nice, sweet, maybe a hint of shyness, somebody who likes to be tickled, who has a nice smile, and somebody who has her head on straight. I am a sucker for flowers but not roses but something that would be creative. All of these things i have writen down are all things that also tell you things about me. Everybody is looking for the right person and to me somebody who likes 80% of the things I like is important to me. Oh and ofcourse I would like somebody who likes animals and who knows what she wants in life and who she is going to accomplish those things. Open minded, honest, caring, love to please, not afraid of public affection looking to make friends and see where it goes from there. I am single, might as well have some fun and if it leads to something more. I am

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41, female, Single

Rocky Ford, United States

I am a very responsible, hardworking, fun-loving person with a tremendous amount of love and affection to give to my partner. I am a people pleaser, and just want to find someone who will do the same for me. who bring me great joy, .. I have been a single for 1 years.If you are looking for a one woman man who’s honest, energetic, fun-loving, confident, intelligent and caring with a passion for new adventures and travel, let's get to know each other am new to this online things i don't know how it works and I WOULD LIKE YOU TO COPY MY CELL# NUMBER THAT I LISTED AS MY USER name on here and TEXT ME AFTER READING MY PROFILE A bit more about me I am looking for a romantic connection just like anyone else here. It would be nice to meet someone that is independent, down to earth, kind, funny, intelligent, is passionate about her partner, believes in a foundation of trust and friendship in a relationship, and is very family oriented. Someone that shares a physical and emotional connection with me. If you enjoy concerts, that is a plus. If you like swimming,another plus. If you are handy around the house and like projects, another plus! I have a great family; I am looking for someone who wants to be loved and married for the rest of his life and has a great family as well.Family and friends will always come first for me (before work)...if you are dating me, you are already considered a friend. i don't know how to start this, but i guess i would just give it a try. I am an easy going woman with a wonderful sense of humor. Am romantic, fun to be with. I don't spend much time on here but If you are this man, please feel free to text the number listed here and wink, I would love to talk more. Speaking of numbers follow the numbers as i label and send a text if you think you've figured it out. 8. Honesty 6. Love 2. Happiness 2. Trust 4. Commitment 5. Communication 8. Believe 4. Romance 4. Cuddling 1. Constant messaging. Only the smart once get the best once text me when i

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