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North Sydney, Australia

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63, female, Single

Goulburn, Australia

I am smart, reserved and caring and I love my two Shi tzu dogs. To pass the time I enjoy reading and watching tv and movies. I am a university lecturer and I work full time. I like to paint and I enjoy pottering in the garden. I have multiple sclerosis which stops me from doing some of the things I like. For example I used to like travelling but I find that is too difficult to do these days. I always thought it would be nice to travel around Australia with a caravan and I still hold that dream in mind although it is not something I would be able to do alone. I like to be involved in the community when I can and I volunteer once a fortnight at a homeless drop in centre. I believe it is important to give back. My Christian faith is very important to me, but I am not strictly religious. I go to church most weeks but I don't fret if I have to miss it now and then as I believe my faith can be expressed anywhere, not just in church. I am looking for a companion and someone who is not frustrated by my mobility problems and who I can enjoy doing things with and spending time with, even if that is just relaxing at home.

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36, male, Single

Cite Hedi Ben Hassine, Thailand

30 fit man from Australia love activities

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73, female, Separated

Llanallgo, United Kingdom

I am an outgoing person. I played at Glastonbury Festival on the Acoustic stage back in 1989. I love music and play at local folk clubs and sessions. I am into most music but love singing Joni Mitchell covers from Blue and Court and Spark. Don Juans Reckless daughter.I am young inside and full of adventure. I travel three or four times a year. Been all over the world and will continue to travel as much as I can and when I can. I hitch hiked across Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan India and made it to Australia back on the hippy trail in 1970. I still have that yearning for freedom. I have my own business selling tree seeds and survive on that. I left my husband after 25 years of marriage as he was cheating on me. :( Oh well. That is life I suppose. But would love to meet fellow musicians interested in travelling, playing ( music of course) and wining and dining. I have some crazy ideas sometimes. Like wanting to be an astronaut. errr At my age??? and wanting to walk the whole way to China across Siberia. But then I come back down to earth with a bump and realise I am too old for that. It is so easy to feel young and act young but once you have reached my age no one wants to really take you seriously. SERIOUSLY. Still, I put myself forward for crazy things, like ISLAND on TV. lots of love. Musicians are so much more fun than ordinary folk ha ha.Oh and guess what. My maiden name was really COOL. A translation from KUHL to Cool which my father had to make during the war.

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55, male, Widowed

Annapolis, United States

Some of my ancestors were from Australia and I've also loved this country and would love to relocate back to my ancestral homeland.My greatest pleasure is having fun, traveling, and enjoying good friends, wine and life.! I love extreme sports (sky diving, zip lining) as well as exotic travel My great passion is writing and I love spending time in the major cities of Europe and South Africa. I am a Construction Engineer working a private Company but have also been a TV Writer early life after School days.I'm a widow, with a son, he's everything to me. I am very healthy and happy. I'd love to meet some great people for friendship, a good happy woman for long time relationship/marriage.Let's Meet !

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47, male, Single

Beechmont, Australia

Hi, I am easygoing and down to earth, my interests include being in nature, yoga, meditation, bushwalking (I work in National Parks as a ranger), being at the beach, music and festivals, dancing, gardening and being creative. I value internal peace more than material things and try to live a simple life appreciating life's simple pleasures, I am genuine, open and value honesty. I know it sounds a bit cliche but I am looking for that special person to share my heart and life with. I enjoy hanging at home and watching a movie on the weekend as much as getting out for adventures. Have done plenty of camping and outback touring in central Australia and I make a good guide to the wilds. Am not rich or poor and generally am easily contented but still am looking for another to share love, life and time with. "There is nothing more valuable than love" :)

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