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57, male, Single

Hollywood, United States

I am a Passionately driven Individual, Honest and Caring, ready to ready spend the rest of my life loving and caring for whoever my heart chooses. I was Born in London by American Parents, moved to back to the USA at a very young age, later on relocated to Australia where i spent most of my teenage and youthful life, i am culturally diverse, well traveled, someone with a flair for making the extra ordinary out of life.I would love to meet someone who is sincere, caring and dedicated person, Also not scared to fall in love deeply and must be willing to try new things, should have a flair for traveling, romance,and an adventurous spirit.

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37, male, Single

Coolaroo, Australia

i am Asian origin home country is Nepal.i have settled in Australia for last 10 years.i love traveling,studying,.i am soft hearted adorable male love to fall in love with profession I am a income is sound enough. I want a pretty lady to adore and love me throughout my life

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32, female, Single

Knights Landing, United States

I am a single lady of 24 year old , single never married , Home town Australia, in the city of Perth the western part of Australia, i obtained my degree at the University of Notre Dame in Australia before i moved down here in state years ago and graduated as an Accounting Student.My family: I laugh with my dad so much before i lost him and even a lot with my mum because i learnt dancing from her, lo ! I love dancing and i asked my mom to know why i love dancing and she told me that when I was a little baby, she put me in the middle of the room and she starts dancing because I was a lovely baby and I looked at her dancing, that's why I'm a bit special lol. Am US Citizen and also been to Germany so many places when my father was till alive then, in his Auto Mobile trading from Germany

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24, male, Single

Mayfield West, Australia

I'm not good at writing profile descriptions so please bear with me.Who am I?I'm philosophically an anarchist and a minarchist (I'm close to being an anarcho-capitalist) along with being like almost no one which is currently a curse but possibly a blessing for the long run. I'm pretty lonely too, I don't have any friends nor any love which takes a toll on me on top of having anxiety and depression. Yes I think pretty negatively because of my troubles, but I know I need to fix myself and I don't have much of a practical drive to but I still want to become happy again despite it being really hard. I'll also mention that I'm not masculine but I hope you're fine with me being basically between feminine and masculine. I'm also; open-minded (although I easily give in to negative thoughts), empathic, passionate, loyal, not controlling, honest, understanding, moral, deep thinking (too deep at times but working on it), creative, quite introverted, funny, politically incorrect, and smart. I also like old country music which is my favourite but I like most music, mainly meaningful music but a bit of fun music don't hurt either. I also like to write poetry for songwriting at times. I also hate the summer heat too lolWhat am I looking for?Someone who is; not controlling, open-minded, not superficial, loyal, honest, a deep thinker, moral, creative, not blindly being agreeable with government, and is okay with my anarchist beliefs such as doing illegal but moral things. I also prefer to find someone who would be willing to leave Australia since I don't like this country very much but its not a deal breaker.What are my goals?Become free, become happy again, become more driven, try out my firearm inventions for business if they work, maybe use my music to effect (not too good at singing but I may become become better), find my tribe and find people to truly connect with.

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45, male, Single

Alyangula, Australia

Recently and unexpectedly made single ;) from a 6 year relationship and excited at the opportunity to connect with someone new. Interested in starting a relationship with someone from another culture/country as I believe cross cultural relationships often produce amazing, adventurous, compassionate, curious children. All traits that I like in a person. I am adventurous, eco-conscious, hard working, generous, honest and caring. Currently living and working on remote tropical island (mostly indigenous population) in the north of Australia but looking forward to settling in a rural coastal area not to far from a major centre. Any suggestions on the ideal location?

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