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41, male, Single

Turners Beach, Australia

Interested in marrying a Turkish woman or from that area, an Australian man from island state Tasmania.

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53, female, Divorced

Hervey City, United States

I enjoy having deep philosophical discussions, I prize integrity and authenticity, and consider myself to be mainly "progressive".... I am pro-social justice (particularly criminal justice reform) and pro-public spending (e.g. on health, education, housing). I'm also against the death penalty, hunting, and violent video games. However, I don't fit neatly into the "left-wing" camp; I'm an independent thinker and don't automatically agree with the supposed liberal standpoint on every single topic. For example, I'm pro-life (except in life-death cases) and pro-monogamy... (no space to discuss this further here)!In 2007, I was lucky enough to land a job in Atlanta the EXACT city I wanted to be in! Prior to Atlanta, I spent a lot of my life in the UK - I was born there. However, I was in America (Amherst, MA) from the ages of 1-5, and my first memories ever were in the US. I have fond recollections of attending Kindergarten and riding on one of "those yellow buses"! I think that one of the first things that some people notice about me is my accent... I have a non-regional UK accent, which is pretty clear (although I say so myself :)), however, some people have mistaken it as Australian or even South African. A few people get it right immediately; I guess it depends on whether you have an "ear" for accents. Personally, I've always been fascinated by different accents, and love imitating them :).Fave music: INXS, The Beatles, Sam Cooke, Carole King, Peter Tosh, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Kate Bush, Jackson Five, Motown, Stevie Wonder, The Doors, The Supremes, Bob Marley, Max Romeo, Marion (obscure band, famous for "Sleep"). Been revisiting some 90s bands that I “abandoned” 15 years ago e.g. "The Charlatans UK." Fave tracks: "Crashin In," "Can't Get Out of Bed" (sounds Beatley), "Just Lookin" (sounds a bit Stonesy).

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28, male, Single

Pahar Khan, Pakistan

im saddo and and im interst in a reletionship with australian girl

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64, female, Widowed

Upper Coomera, Australia

I have an open you?I enjoy: Cool mornings, snuggling under the blankets, hot coffee, sunrises, sunsets, full moon and stars, a perfumed garden. Sailing on the ocean.My unconditional loving pets, their hugs and kisses, (one cat one dog-they are precious to me). Catching up with the news, documentaries about anything - history, places, the world, animals, people, I love to learn. Avid reader of non fiction. Enjoy Netflix: docos, movies, series. Anything to do with animals - "Supervet" Noel Fitzpatrick my hero! Beautiful beaches, rainforests. Listening to Australian native birds. Whip birds, Rifle Birds, Butcher birds, Lorikeets, Rosellas, Willy Wag Tails, Anything that is amazing in the world. Love NYC, Central Park,Times Square, 9/11 museum and memorials, travel anywhere as long as I have wings :) New Orleans, Jazz, Memphis, BB Kings, Gibson Guitar Factory.WOW!, San Francisco, Alcatraz, Painted Ladies, Sausalito, sailing under the Golden Gate at sunset; LA, Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier; Malibu, Venice Beach, Beverley Hills, California. Travelling subways, NYC pizza, hot dogs, Manhattan. Jazz, rock and roll dancing, Himalayas, Kathmandu, Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Pearl Harbour, Hong Kong, The Peninsular high tea. The Blues, Blues Brothers, Bruno Mars, Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac,The Eagles, Iva Davies-Icehouse such a talent; INXS. Adele, Neil Diamond. ELO; In my younger years I was in a band.I am still learning are you too? I am studying Diploma in Remedial Therapies and Aromatherapy. Does life amaze and delight you? Do you stop to smell the roses? Do you get lost in the moment, sound of the ocean, gentle sea breezes on your face, rain on a tin roof, smell of the trees before it rains? Sound of distant thunder? Smell of frangipani, roses, jasmine? Do you take the time to breathe and inhale life? Enjoy watching your garden grow? Herb gardens, summer storms. Peaceful meditation. Love your friends, family. These are a few of my favourite things :-)

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42, male, Single

Houay Tansiho, Hong Kong

I'm an Australian guy working in the media. I'm well-travelled and have a passion for food and drink. I'm pretty relaxed and like to avoid drama, but am confident and a good conversationalist (I hope).

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