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Adamivka, Chernihiv oblast, Nosivskyi raion, Ukraine

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Santa Rosa, Philippines

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Green Street Green, United Kingdom

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Plaridel, Philippines

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Williamstown, Australia

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Mandaue City, Philippines

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Canberra, Australia

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Piura, Peru

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58, male, Single

Yu Wa, Thailand

I was born and raised in Queensland Australia .I'm very strong and inspiring personality, supportive, Sentimental about good family values, loving and loyal, Tenacious, Fair, Brave, good sense of humour, sensitive, passionate and intense about relationships with the people i knows. Massive varied Vinyl collection, Good conversationalist, an opinion of some kind on most things - no awkward quiet moments with lovely very active mind.and that's why i become a basketball captain in high school

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36, female, Single

Pleasant Hill, United States

I left Australia to United State when i was 5years old with my Granny after my parents death .. I studied art and designs, I finished my college education some years back in the USA since then i have been doing decorations, I am into decorations, designs, museum management and wedding planning, unfortunately i lost my job due to the economy crisis but for now i have a part time job and working with my best friend.. I can always survive. I know life is dynamic but i m still prayerful and hard working to establish myself heavily in my profession with my dream man who will always be supportive and helpful to me in my career.

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37, female, Single

University of New South Wales, Australia

Am Debby a cute little girl from New York but now in Australia trying to live my life in better and blessed ways ,i am single and searching i have no kids and am a nurse with a quit edible income ... just hope i find a normal prince Charming . SO HELP MOI SITE

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73, female, Separated

Llanallgo, United Kingdom

I am an outgoing person. I played at Glastonbury Festival on the Acoustic stage back in 1989. I love music and play at local folk clubs and sessions. I am into most music but love singing Joni Mitchell covers from Blue and Court and Spark. Don Juans Reckless daughter.I am young inside and full of adventure. I travel three or four times a year. Been all over the world and will continue to travel as much as I can and when I can. I hitch hiked across Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan India and made it to Australia back on the hippy trail in 1970. I still have that yearning for freedom. I have my own business selling tree seeds and survive on that. I left my husband after 25 years of marriage as he was cheating on me. :( Oh well. That is life I suppose. But would love to meet fellow musicians interested in travelling, playing ( music of course) and wining and dining. I have some crazy ideas sometimes. Like wanting to be an astronaut. errr At my age??? and wanting to walk the whole way to China across Siberia. But then I come back down to earth with a bump and realise I am too old for that. It is so easy to feel young and act young but once you have reached my age no one wants to really take you seriously. SERIOUSLY. Still, I put myself forward for crazy things, like ISLAND on TV. lots of love. Musicians are so much more fun than ordinary folk ha ha.Oh and guess what. My maiden name was really COOL. A translation from KUHL to Cool which my father had to make during the war.

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30, male, Single

Goodna, Australia

hello all of you garry here I am new in Australia happy to make new friends

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Rodina Geroya, Russian Federation


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